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Why Choose Us

We designed our API so your teams don't need to waste time working on the integration and you have full control on the payments flow.

Easy integration

Multi-currency wallet allows you to work with several fiducial accounts at once, and the conversion within the system allows you to make transactions in the currency that is convenient to you.

Secure and flexible architecture

The best practices aimed at steady improvement of security and capability are being implemented. 100% of customers' funds stored on cold wallets. A dedicated team monitors any external activities.

Our Superiority

Access to a high-spending customer base One system for different crypto wallets No setup costs. Zero, none The lowest fees on the market Free maintenance Cheaper than credit cards Loyalty rewards for your customers Use on your phone, tablet or computer.

Reliable Online Payment Platform

Transfer and Deposite your money anytime, anywhere in the world

Increase efficiency

Improve the stability of payment services with ECOMMPAY’s reliable payment platform. We have several data centres, enabling us to ensure a 99,99% uptime of our payment infrastructure.

Expand globally

Enter new markets by integrating local customers’ preferred payment methods into your unique payment platform with us. Accept payments online using a range of regional payment options and issue timely payouts in relevant currencies.

Diversify risks

Secure your business against financial risks. PardakhtCard keeps client funds in separate bank accounts across multiple banks, ensuring settlements can be carried out quickly and securely with our online payment systems.

Mass payments

Send payments to more than 15 payment systems from your PardakhtCard account. Free transfers within the system.

Payments reporting

Analyse your payments data to identify and act on consumer behaviour trends.

Referral program

Attract companies and individuals to the PardakhtCard by the referral link and start earning with us.

Acquiring services

Unlock payment processing on a global scale with our robust acquiring network.

Our Testimonials

Loved By Our Clients

We value the reliability, flexibility and prices that Pardakhtcard provides us. The customer service here is excellent - the consultants are always helpful, answer all our questions and never refuse help. Thank you!

Supported Banks


Send payments to more than 15 payment systems from your PardakhtCard account

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